The research of the sapphire laser operated thermosplitting on the LIMO 100-532/1064-U equipment is conducted. Processing was carried out with the use of solid-state Nd:YAG laser with the wavelength of 1064 nm. Calculation of temperatures distribution during laser impact on structure graphite–sapphire–graphite is carried out by numerical simulation of the non-stationary differential equations of heat conductivity. Results of simulation allowed to investigate samples processing at various heating by laser radiation. It is established that at the average power of the laser radiation 80…90 W temperature on a surface is about 600…700 K and it is enough for sapphire thermosplitting.

Authors: S. P. Malyukov, Yu. V. Klunnikova, A. V. Sayenko

Direction: Physical Electronics and Technologies of Micro- and Nanostructures

Keywords: Laser processing, thermosplitting, sapphire

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