Article submission rules

Manuscript formatting guideline and the article submission process

The manuscripts formatted in accordance with the Manuscript formatting guide are accepted for consideration only.


The editors shall prepare for publication and then publish the material submitted by the Author. The copyright for particular article shall belong to the Author. The Author shall submit and the Editor shall accept the copyright material on the basis the Public offer agreement and Publication ethics principles.


Names and emails introduced on the website of the Journal shall be used exclusively for the goals and objectives specified by the Journal and shall never be used for any other purposes or given to other persons and organizations.

Article submission process

Authors should submit the following material to the editorial office:

  • the printout shall be signed by all authors and represent as the hard copy of the article file;
  • soft copy of the article, formatted in accordance with the Manuscript formatting guideby prior agreement with the editorial board the submission of an article by e-mail is acceptable;
  • the manuscript of the article should be no less than 6 pages, the review article can have up to 20 pages;
  • separate file for each figure and each table in the format of  Manuscript formatting guide (submission by e-mail is possible by prior agreement as well);
  • a title elements and the abstract (both in Russian and in English,1 copy);
  • the information about authors (both in Russian and in English,1 copy);
  • department references for publishing (the intended section should be specified,1 copy);
  • cover letter (1 copy);
  • the recommendation from the department (where it is necessary to indicate the thematic area of the journal, which is supposed to publish the article manuscript, 1 copy);
  • the manuscript can`t be published in case it does not comply with the requirements to manuscript and material submitted therewith.

The process of work with a manuscript in the editorial office: