STATCOM are used to control the operations of the sources of electricity and power lines. Modular multilevel STATCOM are used for high voltage power lines, in which in each phase bridge low-voltage transistor-capacitive cells are connected sequentially. The article describes STATCOM model with an arbitrary amount of sequentially connected cells in the phases when the phases are connected to the star. The model of the power part of STATCOM includes a description of the transformer. It is possible to replace the transformer to the current-limiting reactor. When modeling STATCOM, the structure of its control system was developed, in which the regulation of reactive and active power is provided, as well as stabilization of voltages of all capacitors of low-voltage transistor-capacitive cells. The calculations of the electromagnetic processes in electric power system voltage of 10 kV are performed. The calculation results confirmed the performance of the considered STATCOM and its control system.

Authors: A. G. Vorontsov, M. V. Pronin, A. S. Adalev, V. Yu. Shelyuh, I. A. Dikun

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: STATCOM, electric power system, high voltage power line, modeling, reactive power compensation

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