The results of calculations for the total input conductivity and the angle of shift between currents and electric voltages, exciting piezocylinders, that form a waveguide type transducer (WTT) are presented. The calculations are performed on the basis of the WTT model, radiating into conical semi-infinite spaces that are tunable by the opening angle. The nature of the influence of the opening angles of the cone half-spaces and the waves reflected from the WTT apertures on the calculation results is analyzed. The distribution of the amplitude and phase of the normal component of the vibrational velocity in the radiating frontal and rear apertures of the WTT is considered. Calculated ratios for estimating the electroacoustic efficiency of WTT are obtained. The results of calculations of the electroacoustic efficiency when WTT radiation is emitted into coaxial semi-infinite waveguides and half-spaces are presented. The influence of the value of the electromechanical coupling coefficient of piezoceramic (variants of piezocylinders with radial and tangential polarization) on the considered characteristics of WTT is analyzed.

Authors: I. S. Pesterev, B. G. Stepanov

Direction: Physics

Keywords: Input electrical impedance, efficiency, piezocylinders, waveguide type transducer, frequency response

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