The issues of the organization of anti-surge fault-tolerant control of the gas transport process are considered. The relevance of the issues of ensuring fault tolerance is associated with the need to prevent surging during the operation of the gas pumping unit (GPA). Surging is an inefficient and dangerous mode of operation of GPA. During pumping, the rotor, bearings are subjected to cyclic influences. These are forces of the order of several tons by weight, as a result, the rotor becomes like a kind of wall-battering machine, a ram that can destroy the unit in the shortest possible time. That is why the surge mode is unacceptable. The task of detecting surge is the main task of diagnostics during gas transportation. The article discusses the construction of a fuzzy surge diagnostics system. The diagnostic results are used in the anti-surge control algorithm. The functions of anti-surge control should be performed by an anti-surge regulator, which, within the framework of this work, consists of two functionally complete blocks – a surge diagnostics unit (surge alarm) and a fault-tolerant surge control unit.

Authors: J. A. Korablev

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Gas transport process, surge mode, fuzzy diagnostic system, anti-surge regulator

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