An automated system which makes it possible to significantly simplify the process of project management in construction and can be used in BIM (Building Information Modeling), is described. The system provides various options for users with different access rights to information stored in the application database. The following roles were implemented for the users of the application: administrator, BIM manager, commercial manager, planning department manager, procurement specialist, architect, designer, network engineer, builder. The system is implemented as a web-application developed by PHP programming language and Yii framework. Relational data base was designed and implemented to store information about drawings, equipment, materials etc. used in the implementation of the construction project. MySQL data base management system (DBMS) is used to organize interaction with the database. To solve a number of problems, the such languages as HTML and CSSS were used. The system does not require the installation of additional software. Access to the Internet need to use the system only.

Authors: A. S. Bukunov

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Business process automation, computer-aided information system, building information modeling, web-application, data base

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