The paper is devoted to the development of methods and tools for automating the decision process using BI tools at various stages of management. The stages of the decision process and business analytics are analyzed and an architectural solution for integrating these processes into a flexible methodology is proposed, practical business cases for implementing this architecture in various business segments with their own specifics of data and information systems are worked out. The paper consists of 3 parts. The first section discusses the basics of the management decision process, highlights the main stages of this process, as well as the possibilities of its automation. The second section describes in detail the business intelligence tools in the context of the business analysis stages, as well as the indicators used. The last section provides a practical example – a business case of a telecommunications company – the application of the proposed architecture to support the decision-making process using the described tools and methods.

Authors: D. R. Salakhova, P. B. Panfilov, G. S. Gorshkov

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Decision-making process, BI, automation techniques, business analytics

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