Describes the concept of mobile robotic systems (MRTS): the definition, scope, main advantages of use are given. Management strategies are described, among which group management is identified as the most useful for research purposes. The typical vulnerabilities of MRTS and methods of ensuring the security of MRTS, which reduce the likelihood of exploiting such vulnerabilities, are described. The method of implementation of the Police Office Model (POM) was chosen, which allows assigning for each site of the terrain in which the MRTS operates, a separate robot responsible for ensuring the functioning of the system in the area entrusted to it. The most relevant vulnerabilities have been identified, for which the risk of their exploitation by a possible attacker is subsequently assessed. The assessment is carried out using the open CVSS standard, which contains a number of metrics that allow describing the MRTS as an information system. Subsequently, the estimates are compared using the CVSS methodology for the original MRTS and for the MRTS with POM implemented.

Authors: S. S. Chuprov, R. I. Gataullin, I. I. Viksnin

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Mobile robotic system, mobile agent, information security, police office model, CVSS

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