Geographical Context Usage in Smart Spaces Environments

Geo-tagging and smart spaces are two promising directions in modern mobile market. Geo-tagging allows to markup any kind of data by geographical coordinates and time. This is the basis for defining geographical context which can be used in different types of applications. Smart spaces as the basis for seamless distributed communication field for software services provides semantic level for data processing. Most desired feature of coming software is pro-activeness and context awareness, i.e. services will be able to adapt to the user's needs and situations and be able to manage decisions and behaviors on behalf of the user. The paper is dedicated discussion of integration most popular open platforms for smart spaces and geo-tagging (Smart-M3 and Geo2Tag) as possible solution for creation context aware proactive location based (LBS) services.

Authors: K. V. Krinkin, K. G. Yudenok

Direction: Informatics, management and Computer Technology

Keywords: Geo-coding, Smart Spaces, Location-based services, Smart-M3, Geo2Tag

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