No. 5 Vol. 17, 2024

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5-14 Physics Simulation of a multicusp magnetic system of an accelerated neutral particle source S. A. Trifonov, K. S. Vorobyev, D. K. Kostrin, S. A. Martsinukov
15-25 Physics Comparative analysis of the technical characteristics of hydroacoustic bottom soil profiling tools A. V. Vagin, Ya. A. Pelageev
26-31 Physics Investigation of GaP-based structures by electrochemical capacitance-voltage profiling L. I. Ivkin, G. E. Yakovlev, V. I. Zubkov, A. V. Solomonov
32-39 Physics Study of the pulsed operating mode of the piezoelectric transducer of an immersion flaw detector S. I. Konovalov, R. S. Konovalov, V. M. Tsaplev, D. I. Polosukhina
40-52 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Simulation of a magnetic cooling system and synthesis of its cooling capacity regulator I. M. Novozhilov, A. V. Martirosyan, D. A. Pervukhin, V. Ya. Trofimets, D. L. Tukeev, Ya. S. Stepuhin, Yu. M. Iskanderov
53-64 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Method of automated placement of elements on a rigid-flexible printed board of an electronic medium taken into consideration of thermal and electromagnetic compatibility based on a two-level genetic algorithm P. A. Makeev, S. F. Chermoshencev
65-73 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Analytical evaluation of indicators of instrumental reliability of one-parameter control of the technical condition of the object E. V. Kopkin, Т. А. Khomich
74-82 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Federated learning (FL) – overview M. Al-Tameemi, M. B. Hassan, S. A. Abass
83-96 Electrical Engineering Synthesis of nonlinear and adaptive-robust systems with sliding modes in controlling the dynamics of a tricopter with rotary propellers under the action of unknown external disturbances Duy Khanh Nguyen, V. V. Putov, V. N. Sheludko