No. 1 Vol. 17, 2024

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5-12 Physics Modification of a transparent conductive ITO coating with shungite nanoparticles L. О. Fedorova, N. V. Kamanina
13-18 Physics Application of the Gauss–Markov theorem for equalization of a hydroacoustic transmission channel S. V. Shostak, A. V. Bengard
19-31 Physics Experimental study of substrate heating during sputtering of a copper-titanium sandwich target M. O. Ivantsov, V. I. Shapovalov
32-41 Physics Stochastic dynamics of TEMPEST P. D. Kopytov, I. D. Korolev, O. A. Kulish
42-47 Physics Simulation of the acoustic wave impact on the marine mammal brain, taking the skull geometry into account L. N. Merkulov
48-54 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Application of the named entity recognition method in information technology to analysis of software development tasks L. A. Kutsenok, Yu. A. Korablev
55-67 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Stress detection from blood volume pulse data using customized convolutional networks M. O. Dobrokhvalov, A. Yu. Filatov
68-77 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Modelling of the traffic authentication algorithm on a controller side in a software defined network K. I. Nikishin, M. A. Mitrokhin
78-89 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Experimental evaluation of the recommendations of the method for accompanying the operator while taking photos for subsequent 3D reconstruction R. P. Shestopalov, D. V. Ivanov, M. M. Zaslavskiy, A. P. Grebenshchikov
90-98 Electrical Engineering About physical processes in memristors E. B. Solovyeva, V. A. Smirnov