Information transmission in a quantum channel

Currently, quantum key generation systems are considered as the basis of quantum telecommunications using quantum cryptography. At the same time, concepts are substituted: such a system simply generates the same binary code on two sides of the quantum channel and does not allow data to be transmitted as in the communication channel. In the future, such a key is used by a classical cryptographic system in a conventional communication channel. The low rate of generation of a quantum key requires its accumulation, which deprives this key of authentication – as soon as once it is presented as a file, it can be replaced. Nevertheless, the steady increase in the generation rate makes it possible to use a quantum key for direct secure transmission of information in a quantum channel «bit to bit» with any quantum protocol and physical implementation. The method of such transfer is discussed in this article.

Authors: D. E. Vorobyova

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: quantum information transmission systems, speed of information transfer speed in the quantum channel, generation of quantum key generation

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