Application of steam-plasma flow filtration systems of arc discharge to improve the quality of formed coatings

Considers the features of the composition of the steam-plasma flow generated by a vacuum arc. The necessity of using specialized filtration systems to purify the flow of the evaporated substance from the micro-droplet component is shown. An overview of the most common plasma flow filtration systems used in modern vacuum arc installations is given. The work of the easiest-to-implement separation system of the «jalousie» type in the formation of aluminitride coatings is demonstrated. The use of this system at relatively low costs for the modernization of the technological installation makes it possible to significantly improve the quality of the applied coatings, especially in the case of the creation of multilayer structures.

Authors: D. K. Kostrin

Direction: Physics

Keywords: arc discharge, coating deposition, technological installation, microdroplets, plasma filtration

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