No. 2 Vol. 16, 2023

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5-12 Physics Experimental study of the effect of gradient inhomogeneity of the Bi100-C-SbC crystal in the range of 11 < C < 19 at. % on the Peltier effect at a temperature of about 100 K V. I. Bochegov, L. N. Nikiforov, I. A., Peshkova
13-18 Physics Influence of the internal electric field on the accumulation of a mobile charge in MOS structures O. V. Aleksandrov, N. N. Morozov
19-30 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control A method for procedural generation of a landscape with user-defined parameters D. S. Melnichenko, O. V. Bukunova
31-43 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Development of a control system for an air oil cooler as a part of a gas pumping unit I. M. Novozhilov, S. E. Abramkin, P. A. Maltsev, A. V. Plotnikov
44-53 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Analytical terminal for testing trading strategies A. V. Cherevko, S. V. Bukunov
54-75 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Ontologies and physical analogues of two-particle intrasystem interactions based on doublets models T. L. Kachanova, B. F. Fomin
76-84 Electrical Engineering Practical and educational role of vector diagrams of power transformers A. G. Lavrov, V. A. Vasilev
85-95 Electrical Engineering Simulation of a magnetic trap for a magnetron sputtering system (MPS) using the finite element method using the PYTHON language module F. S. Fedotov, A. M. Telegin