No. 9 Vol. 15, 2022

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5-11 Physics Peculiarities of the emission spectrums of the magnetron discharge with a metal target in argon atmosphere N. M. Ivanov, V. I. Shapovalov
12-30 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Development of a complex mathematical model of aluminum production in the Soderberg electrolyzer I. M. Novozhilov, S. E. Abramkin, O. A. Belyaevsky, E. I. Kapostey
31-42 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Method for ensuring timely submission of information resources to the management bodies of the corporate management system due to the transformation of the initial physical structure of the heterogeneous ITCS I. Yu. Smirnov
43-63 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Overview of trends in the development of Internet of Things technologies in intelligent transport systems R. R. Fatkieva, A. P. Koneva, A. S. Mustafina
64-70 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Methodology for evaluating the probability of downtime of complex technical systems with considering indicators of the technical condition control system E. A. Kopeyka, A. L. Kopeyka, A. N. Lebedev
71-79 Electrical Engineering Simulation of variadle parametres of arc furnace modes A. V. Kupova, E. V. Lanovenko
80-90 Electrical Engineering Models of icebreaker electric propulsion systems with asynchronous motors and three-level converters A. G. Vorontsov, M. V. Pronin