No. 7 Vol. 15, 2022

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Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-13 Physics Basic principles of building autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles K. E. Abbakumov, A. V. Vagin
14-19 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Automation of the algorithm for designing a reinforcement scheme for a structure made of composite materials V. A. Polyakov
20-27 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Methodology for choosing methods for forecasting time series of cyber-physical systems of fuel and energy complex enterprises D. P. Plakhotnikov
28-36 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Analysis of the temperature field of the main gas pipeline for the purpose of automation I. M. Novozhilov, S. E. Abramkin, A. V. Plotnikov, T. V. Kukharova
37-46 Electrical Engineering Designing a phase-locked frequency control system A. A. Telnov
47-56 Electrical Engineering Synthesis of a control system for a longitudinal feed drive of a lathe with elastic links using a non-standard intensity generator M. P. Belov, O. A. Kundyukov, V. I. Korolev
57-65 Electrical Engineering Calculation of RC circuits, switching overvoltage and energy loss in thyristor converters A. S. Adalev, V. V. Glushakov, R. A. Karzunov, M. V. Pronin, N. I. Fedorov
66-72 Electrical Engineering An effective approach to the development of a program code for controlling an electric drive using the example of an elevator layout N. A. Smirnov
73-81 Electrical Engineering Autonomous runway friction coefficient tester A. R. Muzalevskiy, E. V. Druian, M. M. Kopichev, V. V. Putov, T. L. Rusyaeva, M. A. Chernyshev
82-90 Electrical Engineering Algorithm for adaptive synchronization of the multi-channel steering system N. D. Khanh, V. E. Kuznetsov, S. V. Konstantinov, A. N. Lukichev
91-99 Electrical Engineering Control of a polyphase motor with permanent magnets with non-sinusoidal EMF and power supply from VSI A. G. Vorontsov