No. 4 Vol. 15, 2022

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Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-16 Physics Experimental study of 2d interference mitigation in an active radar based on an adaptive antenna array for the short sample case V. T. Ermolaev, V. Yu. Semenov, A. G. Flaksman
17-28 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Development and prototyping of a distributed control system for an uninhabited underwater exploration vehicle I. M. Novozhilov, M. Yu. Shestopalov, D. D. Kotov, T. V. Kukharova
29-34 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control The concept of evolutionary synthesis of modern complex control systems Ju. А. Korablev, D. М. Loseva, М. Ju. Shestopalov
35-43 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control The crawler forming the dataset of user agreements for the use of personal data M. D. Kuznetsov, E. S. Novikova
44-48 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Digital chirp processing D. S. Afanasiev
49-55 Electrical Engineering Pulsed frequency-phase and frequency-latitudinal methods for controlling the output power of a resonant voltage inverter for induction heating I. Yu. Abdulkhakov, M. R. Ermekova, M. N. Kudryash
56-62 Electrical Engineering Induction heating during welding of annular pipe seams S. S. Adoh, S. V. Dzliev, V. V. Tkach, K. E. Pishchalev
63-72 Electrical Engineering Research on BLDC machine characteristics with indirect measurement of the load torque F. S. Al Mahturi, D. V. Samokhvalov