No. 2 Vol. 15, 2022

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Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-22 Physics «Standard on the table» – a new reality in the context of global transformations of the International system of units A. A. Chernyshenko
23-31 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control GIS-based information support technology for drinking water quality control N. I. Kurakina, I. G. Belkin
32-40 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Data processing for the gas turbine control system diagnostics A. M. Sinitсa, M. Yu. Shestopalov, D. H. Imaev
41-50 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Analysis and identification of spatially distributed control systems electromagnetic fields I. M. Novozhilov, O. A. Belyaevsky, Yu. V. Ilyushin, T. V. Kukharova, Е. М. Mikhailova
51-57 Electrical Engineering Local normalization of the weld made by electroslag welding V. V. Tsarevsky, K. Yu. Blinov, Yu. I. Blinov
58-66 Electrical Engineering Numerical calculation of non-autonomous dynamic models with nonlinearities in the form of non-power elemental functions Yu. A. Bychkov, E. B. Solovyeva, S. V. Scherbakov
67-78 Electrical Engineering Modeling of technological parameters of induction surface hardening based on generalized experimental studies V. V. Chmilenko, Y. V. Shanin, A. A. Khorshev, A. S. Bondar, Qi Zhang, D. N. Bondarenko
79-89 Electrical Engineering Application of the extended function description method to the design of a power supply control loop A. A. Telnov