No. 1 Vol. 15, 2022

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Pages Direction Article title Authors
5-13 Physics Qualitative and quantitative analysis of porphyrin films surface morphology D. U. Bekov, I. B. Zakharova, N. M. Romanov, M. A. Elistratova
14-21 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control An environment for simulating the generation of log files when monitoring events A. T. Kutyev, Ya. A. Bekeneva
22-29 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Optimizing computation of arithmetic operations based on a pre-trained neural network O. T. Mohammed, A. A. Paznikov
30-39 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Methodology for ensuring information exchange of correspondents whose location is non-stationary, and the movement is accompanied by disconnecting correspondents from the network S. A. Ivanov
40-47 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Modelling the distribution of technical documentation sets V. D. Chervatyuk, S. S. Chekrigin
48-54 Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control Digital mobile communication network quality research on railway by method of hierarchy analysis M. F. Guskova, Yu. V. Nemtsov
55-62 Electrical Engineering Creation of the solid brain model V. D. Goncharov, E. G. Evdakova, R. V. Yashkardin
63-72 Electrical Engineering Nonlinear model predictive control for servo drive control of optical-mechanical complexes based permanent-magnet synchronous motor N. V. Lanh, A. M. Belov
73-79 Electrical Engineering The design of the upper limb prosthesis with an increased number of degrees of freedom of the fingers E. V. Morozova, N. I. Tatarintsev, K. A. Kulikov, P. V. Kulikova