Presents the problem of reducing the time of inaccessibility of a video surveillance system for the protection of high-risk facilities. The analysis and formalization of requirements for the solution. A review of the tools to be used in the solution for high availability of the video surveillance server was conducted. As a result of the review, a comparison was made according to key criteria and the optimal set of technologies for development was determined. A solution to improve fault tolerance through the development of a server high availability solution using a backup node is proposed. For the solution, specific requirements, restrictions and assumptions are identified, under the conditions of which it is necessary to ensure a low failure rate for a high responsibility system that collects, processes and stores video images from high-risk objects. A functional diagram has been developed that shows the composition of the system and the interaction of its elements. Based on the functional interaction, the design of the solution structure and the behavior of its components during the operation of the complex was carried out. As a result, the architecture of a high-availability solution for a video surveillance server to protect high-risk objects was developed and the behavior of its functional components was determined.

Authors: P. D. Osmolovsky, S. A. Romanenko

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: High availability manager, fault-tolerance, reliability of operation, database back-up, data restore

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