Presents the first stage of modeling an automatic lighting system, which consists in creating a model of a lighting device for controlling the brightness of lighting. In the work, the main part of the device ensuring the uniformity of illumination, namely, the LED line, was considered. In the process of modeling, optimal parameters for the system were obtained for different sizes of elements, the contours of which must be distinguished by a machine vision system. In addition to the above, the article provides an overview of existing solutions to the problem of regulating image quality in machine vision systems. Based on this review, conclusions were drawn on the feasibility of developing and using the developed automatically tuned lighting system as a tool for managing image quality obtained by the machine vision system. The paper also describes the further stages of development of the lighting system.

Authors: V. G. Zolotovskiy, V. V. Kirichenko, E. A. Raldugina, D. N. Redka

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Machine vision, lighting system, equalizing lighting brightness, designing of the lighting system

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