The issues of landscape modeling of hydrological processes are studied in this paper. A generalized geoinformation model of runoff formation has been developed. The flow is schematized on the basis of the allocation within the basin of homogeneous landscape-hydrological areas and altitudes. This problem is solved by means of GIS technologies based on digital elevation models, soil and landscape maps of various scales, satellite imagery data and processing products. The allocation of zones of flooding given security is carried out using specialized tools «Hydrology» ArcGIS Spatial Analyst. For analysis, only the catchment area should be considered. This is the most significantly reducing time costs. The object of the study is the Belaya River in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the main water and drinking source of the region – a typical example of a water body subjected to intense annual spills. The analysis of the results is carried out in accordance with real statistics of flooding in the studied region.

Authors: N. I. Kurakina, V. S. Kovchik

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Landscape modeling, hydrological processes, flooding of the territory, geographic information systems, analysis, ArcGIS for Desktop

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