Facial anthropometry has found wide application in many fields of science and medicine. The article includes a brief history of anthropometry, from its origins as a science to actual algorithms. The use of anthropometric points in practical tasks, such as replacement of facial images, morphing of facial images, reconstruction of faces from 2D to 3D, face recognition, evaluation of attractiveness of faces, identification of emotions, as well as sleepiness detector is studied. The article deals with basic algorithms and stages of morphing, replacement of facial images and facial reconstruction from 2D to 3D. Methods of algorithm implementation with the help of third-party OpenCV and Dlib libraries both using the package and Matlab programming language, and in C++ language are described. The results of practical research of algorithms of morphing, replacement of facial images and reconstruction of images of faces from 2D to 3D on several examples are presented, and some conclusions based on these results are given.

Authors: T. V. Gordeeva, M. Е. Shurygina, А. О. Kozlovskiy

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Facial detection, facial anthropometry, Delaunay triangulation, reverse distance method, face swapping, face morphing, face reconstruction from 2D to 3D, facial recognition, facial attraction and beauty, emotional detection, drowsiness detector

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