The article focuses on the necessity to manage the improvement of applicant’s characteristics for he/she can meet requirements imposed by a job. The process of improving the characteristics depends on applicant’s motivation. The purpose of the study is to manage the applicant’s motivation while improving a certain characteristic. Special features of the qualification management support were analyzed. The study showed interdependencies between self-motivation of a person and his/her achievements in changing a certain characteristic. The fundamental principles were formulated to reflect the motivation properties (persistence) of a person while improving a certain characteristic, i. e. the proportionality to the achieved level of the characteristic (focusing on the present), the proportionality to the characteristic change rate (focusing on future achievements). A generalized model was developed to study how the motivation depends on the results and achievements of the activity, which model is invariant to the type of characteristic to be improved, and reflects the persistence of the person in question, and takes into account the predominance of either focusing on the present, or focusing on future achievements. Four particular models were studied showing how the motivation depends on individual specifics, including on the type of nervous activity and ability to improve a certain characteristic. Analytical expressions were received for the maximum values of the motivation and values of certain characteristics. The resources required to achieve them were found out. The study of these four particular models and the generalized model of motivation changes showed that the value of characteristic under management in case of the maximum value of motivation does not depend on the ability of the person to change the characteristic in question, but depends only on the type of nervous activity. The task was formulated to determine the time required for triggering the self-motivation for further improving the characteristic. The questions were analyzed related to further development of these models and special aspects of their use when creating the information support system for the management of professional learning path.

Authors: Nikiforov, A. Ya. Rats, P. I. Paderno

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Motivation, qualification, individual characteristic, change model, management, resource

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