The paper presents the results of determining the energy balance of a powerful pulse technological installation. It is shown that the energy balance may be calculated with sufficient accuracy using the equivalent circuit of the installation. The parameter values for all elements of the equivalent circuit were determined by measuring their frequency characteristics. It is necessary to consider the energy Losses in capacitor batteries when calculating the energy balance of powerful pulse systems. It is shown that the main energy Losses in this type of installa-tions are associated with currents flowing through elongated electrodes and through the system of connecting these electrodes to a capacitor battery. In this case, pulsed currents occupy a small part of the conductor cross-section. This is due to the depth of penetration of pulsed electromagnetic energy into conductive materials. As a result, the electrodes resistance during the flow of pulse currents is many times higher than its value at the direct current.

Authors: V. D. Goncharov, R. V. Yashkardin

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Energy balance, pulse, equivalent circuit

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