Discusses a way to solve the problems of monitoring and managing urban infrastructure by creating a modular information system. An innovative method of collecting information based on two technologies of the “Internet of things” LoRaWAN and NB-IoT is proposed, the requirements for the smart city modular information system are formed, allowing to implement the functionality of a smart city in a single subject and replicate this decision in other regions. This approach will make it possible to significantly reduce the costs of the development and operation of the information system, carried out both on the basis of state and private financing. In addition to the technical side of the issue, the article considers the existing legal framework for the “Smart Cities” in the Rus-sian Federation and suggests development in the direction of creating a unified legal approach with consolida-tion of powers around the relevant Federal Ministry. An example of successful experiences in implementing a dig-ital platform for city management in one of the neighbouring developing countries is given.

Authors: E. G. Plotnikova, P. A. Shilovskikh, E. A. Burkov

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Smart city, Internet technologies, digital platform, data processing system, hardware and software complex, Internet of things, information system, environmental and transport safety, software

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