Using the concept and uniform form of Lagrange differential equations for electromagnetic and mechanical varia-bles in relation to a two-dimensional model of a generalized electric machine, identical equations of Electrome-chanical equilibrium for a shielded asynchronous machine (EAM) are obtained. On the example of the built-in drive of the centrifugal hermetic pump with EAM the equations of Electromechanical equilibrium corresponding to two modes of operation of the machine are considered. In the first case, the equations corresponding to the direct pumping mode of the EAM as a shielded asynchronous motor (EAD) are given on the example of a process pipe-line with oil products. In the second case, the equations corresponding to the reverse turbine mode of operation of the EAM as a shielded asynchronous generator (EAG) are given on the example of the microges installation. For the generator mode of operation for a section of the circuit with concentrated parameters having an electrical capacitance equivalent to a static reactive power source (IRM), the equations of electrical equilibrium in a rotating coordinate system are obtained. The resulting system of equations EAM and IRM allows analytical study of static and dynamic modes of EAG in the Autonomous power system.

Authors: A. G. Chernykh

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Shielded asynchronous machine, centrifugal sealed pump, shielded asynchronous motor, shielded asynchro-nous generator, microelectric power plant, аutonomous power system, static reactive power source, mathe-matical model

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