Describes the basics of agents and multiagent systems. Analyses how communication between multiagent systems using data mining works. An overview of languages that provide communication between agents in distributed environments is presented. The study allows us to determine the most optimal offer that will be used, taking into account that the need for interaction between the system components is becoming increasingly important for solving joint tasks that would be very expensive or even impossible to solve individually. The structure of the platform for creating and interacting agents, the structure of the communication channel, and how message transfer between agents works are illustrated in detail. The author analyzes the architectures for creating and the most frequently used languages for interaction between agents. It details aspects of the PMML model and describes the algorithm for transferring the PMML model between agents in the ACL.

Authors: G. P. Yuleisy, I. I. Kholod

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Agent, multiagent systems, PMML, FIPA ACL

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