Contains the issues of snow cover mapping using the ArcGIS for Desktop program and satellite imagery data from Landsat 8. An algorithm for determining the snow cover area was developed with the aim of assessing the risk of flooding during floods. The Belaya River flowing through the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan was chosen as the object of study. The main source of food for the selected river is precipitation, mainly snow, which makes the task of forecasting spring spills especially important. According to the developed algorithm, the snow cover area is calculated using the normalized difference snow index NDSI. A comparative analysis of the use of various indices. The values of the snow cover area are calculated from the images of different time periods, the percentage ratio of the snow-covered area to the total area of the territory is obtained. The correctness of the calculation algorithm used was verified and a conclusion was drawn on the possibility of using the NDSI and NDVI indices for analyzing changes in snow cover by raster images in order to assess the risk of flooding of the territory during the flood period.

Authors: N. I. Kurakina, A. A. Mikhaylova

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Snow coSnow cover, satellite imagery, index analysis, GISver, satellite imagery, index analysis, GIS

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