In this article, adaptive control electromechanical systems for flexible joint multibody robotic manipulators as nonlinear interconnected indefinite plants are designed and investigated. Adaptive control electromechanical systems for multibody robotic manipulators are synthesized based on the basic approximating function technique. Within the framework of the basic technique and its simplified modification proposed in the article, which is specialized for the Lagrange multibody dynamics. Methods of step-by-step synthesis of adaptive control systems for multibody flexible joint robotic manipulators are developed in the case of its mathematical models are represented by three- or two-stage cascade structures depending on whether or not the electromagnetic dynamics of executive electric-drives is taken into account. Based on the developed methods, two- and three-stage adaptive control electromechanical systems for a 4 DOF (degrees of freedom) flexible joint robotic manipulator are developed and a comparative analysis of their effectiveness in achieving the properties of dynamic accuracy and speed is carried out as well. The results of computer studies of the effectiveness of either suppressing elastic properties and the influence of electromagnetic dynamics on the qualitative indicators of transient processes and trajectory motion, interpreted as a singular perturbation, or considering it in synthesis methods using direct and simplified methods, are presented. In this article, the advantages of adaptive systems built based on the simplified function approximation technique, allowing providing indicators of accuracy and speed of movement of the robot, comparable with indicators of adaptive systems synthesized by the basic technique, with less computational resources, in computer modeling in the Matlab-Simulink environment, are shown. Comparative computer detailed studies were carried out based on the calculation model of a 4 DOF robotic manipulator of the Igus’s company.

Authors: , Nguyen Duc Phu,V. V. Putov, V. N. Sheludko, Сhu Trong Su

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: adaptive control electromechanical system, 4 degrees of freedom robotic manipulator, executive electric-drive, basic function approximation technique, simplified function approximation technique, electromagnetic dynamic, singular perturbation, cascade structure, backstepping

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