The introduction of new composite materials and coatings has led not only to a qualitative improvement of the operational characteristics of electrical equipment, but also to the creation of special devices in which the most effectively realized opportunities provided by composite materials with specified physical and chemical parameters. This paper presents the main results of the development and research of coatings based on polymer composite material synthesized for operation in conditions of simultaneously acting rotating mechanical forces and electrothermal loads. A separate analysis of tribotechnical and electrical parameters with varying structural and operational characteristics of electrical devices with a composite coating. An example of the implementation of the stator of a special Electromechanical transducer with an insulation system based on a polymer composite material with an antifriction modifier is given.

Authors: K. K. Kim ,S. N. Ivanov

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Special electrical devices, composite material, insulation coating, defect rate, tribological characteristics

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