The Saati methodology is a mathematical tool for a systematic approach to complex decision-making problems. It leads the decision maker, not to the «right» decision, but to the option that best agrees with his understanding of the essence of the problem and the requirements for its solution. Therefore, this technique is highly versatile and can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. However, the application of this technique requires a large amount of input data. If the source data have an error. “Fluctuations” of some parameters can lead to a change of leader. To assess the dependence of the results on the errors, a stability assessment is performed. In domestic and foreign literature there are no examples of using the Saati technique to select electronic components. This paper demonstrates the features of such a choice for an electronic product - a video card. It also demonstrates the assessment of sustainability and comparing the results with the expected ones.

Authors: D. V. Legostaev, L. A. Shumilov

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Hierarchy Analysis Method (MAI), pair comparison matrix (MPS), decision theory, graphics card, computer technology, electronic components

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