Is devoted to the study of audio data compression processes using various codecs, 8 of which use lossy compression and lossless compression. They demonstrate high sound quality while improving bitrate using modern codecs. The article uses codecs such as: mp3, FLAC, Wave, WMA, AAC, MPEG, Monkey 'Audio, APE, Dolby AC-3, DCA, Ogg, Opus, MusePack. Each codec is subject to change and direct comparison with each other. Everything in the code is a division into groups according to the method: use to compress musical compositions, to compress audio in the film industry and lossless compression. Comparison of different musical genres and their differences in the spectrogram. The conclusion about the causes of different genres is also drawn. To compare methods for compressing audio data, the software used is Adobe Audition CC 2018 and LameXP, which allow you to consider various characteristics and properties of audio data, as well as apply different codecs to compress them. To illustrate the result, a range of musical compositions are used. The source file of the music track for comparing codecs was taken in the FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

Authors: R. I. Kargin, L. G. Statsenko

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Standards for audio data compression, audio data compression, mp3, FLAC, AAC, MPEG, Monkey' Audio

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