Describes the control system of the electric drive of a control moment gyroscope (CMG), which is the operating device of a spacecraft orientation system. The article contains a summary of the CMG composition, the principle of its operation and the main operation modes. It also presents the block diagram and describes the operation principle of the CMG electric drive control system that controls angular rotation velocity in the angle feedback mode. Also, the main CMG electric drive components are described — the angular velocity integrator, controllers, electric motor, power gyroscope and angle sensor. The article presents an algorithm for software compensation of angle sensor error harmonic components that are used in CMG electric drive and the results of its use obtained based on a real sample. An CMG electric drive mathematical model designed in Matlab/Simulink is also presented, as well as simulation results.

Authors: D. S. Polozhentcev, K. A. Smirnov

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Control moment gyroscope, electric drive, angle feedback, angular velocity control system, controller, calibration, angle sensor, mathematical model

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