Both theory of intrasystem relations (interactions) between system's eigen qualities, revealed on the basis of «similarity» model, and actualization of this theory are set out. The first part of the paper is dedicated to theoretical questions of interactions and contains investigations of structural invariants of interactions on "similarity" that arise under conditions of non-equilibrium constraints and metastability. This research has been carried out using methods of physics of open systems. In addition, types, forms, and ways to exercise two-particle interactions discovered on the basis of «similarity» and «pseudo-similarity» models are reviewed separately. All possible kinds of interactions between eigen system qualities that disclose sense identity of mechanisms of these qualities (i. e. synchrony, in-phase synchrony, asynchrony, and likeness of particular aspects) are determined and explored for «similarity» models. Two-particle interactions that manifest moments of difference in a system are introduced and explored for «pseudo-similarity» models. Ways and options for integrating this model into a model of eigen quality for third participant of the interaction are defined, moreover, local system feedback mechanisms which thus arise and affect order center of third participant, are researched. Statements and conclusions of theory of intrasystem interactions that are discovered on the basis of «similarity» and «pseudo-similarity» models, are actualized in a project named «Social tension in districts and regions of Russia».

Authors: T. L. Kachanovа, B. F. Fomin

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Open systems, physics of open systems, eigen qualities of system, models of interactions, interaction on «similarity» model, types and forms of interaction on «similarity» model

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