The method of formation of a latitudinal modulated control signal for power supply of a synchronous electric machine with excitation from permanent magnets by means of a three-phase inverter is presented. The theoretical basis for calculating the switching angles of three-phase inverter transistor switches necessary for the formation of a given harmonic composition of the output voltage is presented. Values of switching angle sets corresponding to different algorithms of selective pulse width modulation are obtained by the interactive Newton-Raphson numerical method. The analysis of the harmonic composition of the output voltage for the studied algorithms of selective pulse width modulation is carried out. A closed-loop slave speed control system of a three-phase synchronous motor with an internal current loop is constructed. The structure of the internal current control loop with the voltage inverter control using selective pulse width modulation algorithms is given. The stable operation of the control system with a small index of frequency modulation and suppression of the harmonics specified by the algorithm in the output voltage is shown.

Authors: A. Yu. Kuzin, I. S. Grigorev, D. V. Lukichev

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Synchronous machine, three-phase inverter, simulation, control, robot, manipulator

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