Automatic adjustment of the position and shape parameters of linear dimensions in CAD with grid parameterization of drawings

The considered features automatic adjustment of parameters of the place of installation and the graphical representation of the linear dimension of signs installed in the file descriptions, design drawings and detail in their modifications. When designing new versions of products in CAD, providing grid parameterization of drawings, currently only the parameters of graphic primitives that determine the type of representation of prototype products in accordance with the new size values are automatically changed. Routine work to redraw (erase old and install new) the dimension of symbols on the changed drawing the designers have to do yourself using the appropriate tools for graphical editing. The proposed algorithm saves designers from a large amount of such work associated with the design of drawings of modified products. Its implementation is based on the execution of a sequence of operations descriptions of each of the linear size of the original. dxf drawing file. These operations for each size of the symbols provide identification of the elements of the structure of the description, the calculation of new parameter values replace the old values in the file description on the computed new values, and the image – erasing the old one and redraw the corrected size.

Authors: YU. T. Lyachek, Mustafa Ahmed B. M.

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Drawing, linear dimensional notation, the basic grid, the parametric model drawing, algorithm, dxf-file, the structure of the description of the sizes

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