The complex of various tasks arising from the formalization of the process of building professionally important qualities of a specialist for a particular profession is considered. Some set of professionally important qualities were analyzed and its various projections onto many personal qualities (properties, characteristics) and its individual components (many anthropometric qualities, many biomechanical qualities, many psychological qualities, many psychophysical qualities, many narrow professional qualities, many social qualities) were considered. The analysis of these projections, which is a model of personal qualities of a specialist corresponding to a particular profession, has been carried out. The interrelations of individual components and features of the model are investigated. The analysis of possible divisions (by success levels) within the framework of one profession was carried out. The resulting models can be the basis for automating the process of vocational guidance and early professional selection.

Authors: I. S. Nikiforov, P. I. Paderno

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Profession, model, professionally important qualities, personal qualities, mapping, relationships, skill levels

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