Information systems – the problem formation of requirements to the operator

The analysis of the characteristics of the tasks of accounting for the human factor, faced by the developer of complex information systems increased responsibility. The task of forming the requirements for professionally important qualities of operators has been highlighted. The main consequences of the incorrect definition of the complex of professionally important qualities of the operator of information systems of increased responsibility are given. The traditional approach to solving this problem is considered and its shortcomings are indicated. A procedure has been developed for the formation of professionally important qualities based on a comprehensive analysis of the existing or possible situations that come to the information system of tasks and features of the user interface of such systems. A feature of the procedure presented is that it takes into account the possibility of contradictions in the activities of operators. This methodology has been laid down in the methodological support of the information support system for developers of automated workplaces, which include increased responsibility information systems, the structure of which is also presented in this article.

Authors: N. A. Nazarenko

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Ergonomic design support, professionally important qualities, requirements for operator, information systems increased responsibility

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