An algorithm of linearizing FODA trees of user interfaces

Presents an algorithm for linearization of user interface trees built using the FODA technique, evaluates its computational complexity, shows the effectiveness of the algorithm on the generated data on time and memory. The developed algorithm allows one to present the tree structure of the user interface family in the form of a list of linear structures that can be used in existing clustering algorithms of categorical data to construct classes of user interfaces. It is shown that on the basis of four typical blocks in FODA trees and their unique decomposition into linear data structures it is possible to construct an effective algorithm for linearization of FODA trees. Each node of the tree is represented as a data structure with a set of fields containing information on the parameters and characteristics of the nodes. The algorithm is implemented in Java language version 8. Performance testing of the algorithm was conducted by using framework for writing tests Junit version 4. To estimate the time of the algorithm depending on the source data, a generator of FODA trees was written.

Authors: A. V. Leonov

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: FODA, user interface, tree data structures, clustering algorithms, algorithm analysis

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