The method and rules for assessing the technical condition of electrical equipment are considered. To assess the technical condition of the selected power equipment: a turbogenerator and a power transformer. The calculation of the technical condition index is based on the weight indicators of the functional units of the electric machines under consideration. The “weight” of nodes is calculated by the method of pairwise comparisons (Saaty method). A method for assessing the reliability of equipment based on the weight indicators of functional units and taking into account the groups of monitored parameters is proposed. The technique is based on the construction of structural schemes, the elements of which are connected in series and correspond to the functional units of electrical machines. Structural diagrams of transformer and turbogenerator reliability, including groups of controlled parameters, are given. In accordance with the proposed methodology, the probability of failure-free operation of the considered machines for the period of normal operation was calculated.

Authors: M. A. Baidiuk, G. V. Komarova

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Reliability, electrical machine, control parameter, failure rate, fault-free performance probability, structural reliability scheme, technical condition index, functional unit, power transformer, turbogenerator

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