The interest to the arc discharge in vacuum is caused by the possibility of its application for solving various technological problems: obtaining metal and combined coatings, as well as for surface treatment, permitting to remove surface contaminants. Emission in this type of discharge mainly occurs from the cathode spots, which are randomly moving on the cathode. The speed of spots movement, as well as their amount, depend on the surface properties and the material from which the cathode is made. The most important goal in the development of devices for the removal of surface contamination is the controlled nature of motion and reliable fixation of the cathode spots. The paper shows the possibility to control the mode of operation of the plasma source, which permits, by choosing its design and basic parameters, to switch it from the coatings deposition mode to the mode of cleaning the material surface. As a result of surface activation by plasma a passivating film is formed that protects the metal layer from corrosion, and the surface becomes highly adhesive.

Authors: D. K. Kostrin

Direction: Physics

Keywords: Vacuum arc discharge, emission, cathode spots, coating deposition, surface cleaning

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