Authors suppose an original approach to the construction of nonlinear bit-streams converters is shown. The converters realize approximating expressions represented by the relation of polynomials. In the article a generalized scheme of the devices is presented, in which pulse-width modulated signal flows, as well as numerical pulse flows, can be used as arguments. In accordance with the generalized scheme, a multifunctional nonlinear converter of pulse-width signals is developed. In converter the coefficients of approximating expressions are given in the frequency form, it allows for easy change of the function implemented by the device. The converter provides calculation of polynomials of the second degree due to the organization of two loops of feedbacks. Calculations in the device are performed by means three-channel switching of pulse streams formed on the base of input stream pulse signals and binary codes, followed by functional transformations in the mode of iterative averaging. The article presents a mathematical analysis of the transients occurring in the device, the variant of implementation of the converter on the base of FPGA is considered. The converter can be effectively used in solving problems of collection and preliminary processing of quasi-digital information from heterogeneous sources.

Authors: O. I. Bureneva, O. A. Zhirnova

Direction: Informatics, Computer Technologies And Control

Keywords: Bit stream conversions, structural organization of calculations, inverse function, basic elements

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