An algorithm is described for processing and analyzing the results characterizing the values of defects in a railway track. The algorithm uses rules for the formation of samples suitable for the application of a nonparametric ranking criterion. The algorithm is developed based on the analysis of data obtained during the physical experiment. To test the algorithm, test sets of data with a known distribution law are used. The rule for excluding an anomalous sample from a small sample is formulated. An automatic graph describing the program states, the conditions of state transitions and the actions performed is presented. The peculiarities of using a nonparametric rank criterion for statistical processing of small samples with the presence of emissions are considered. Diagnostic situations for different ratios of the variation of the mean and measure of the scatter of samples of measurement results characterizing the magnitude of defects are considered. The analysis that was carried out makes it possible to identify situations with a change in the properties of the research object

Authors: P. G. Korolev

Direction: Instrument Engineering and Information-Measurement Technologies

Keywords: Railway track; measuring system; small sample; rank test

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