This paper presents an algorithm for the development and optimization of modern electromagnetic components (chokes and transformers) of radio engineering circuits. The design is based on optimization according to a number of different criteria and is as close as possible to the practice of developing these components. The article presents the calculation of a voltage transformer and its energy, as well as the calculation of the magnetic system of a throttle. With reference to the energy calculation of the transformer, a number of significant comments are given, which the design engineer should pay attention to when designing electromagnetic elements. Using the recommendations of this paper, it is possible to design electromagnetic components (chokes and transformers) for real devices with the minimum possible error rate. The development algorithm presented in the paper is applicable, first of all, in the development of electromagnetic components for modern radio engineering devices, as these devices set a number of additional requirements.

Authors: D. S. Baranov, K. K. Nikitin, S. A. Gordeev

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Electromagnetic elements, choke, transformer, electromagnetic materials

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