The problem of developing an intelligent automated training system (AOS) for monitoring the knowledge of analyzers for processing telemetric information (TMI) with an unknown structure that can not be formalized and requires the use of knowledge and skills of experienced research experts is discussed. In the work, a distinction is made in assessing the consumer's knowledge of the processes created and the processes being created. To do this, we use intelligent AOS without product rules based on the list of attributes. Modification of the interface organization between the user and the system is considered in detail. Various control modes are considered, and the possibility of organizing a mode in which AOS solves the problem and explains to the user the decision process is noted. The offered approach can be successfully applied also at control of knowledge of users about the created processes, such as the simplex method of the decision of a problem of linear programming.

Authors: V. E.Baltrashevich,S.A.Onkin

Direction: Informatics and Computer Technologies

Keywords: Intelligent training systems, telemetry information, control and presentation of knowledge

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