The main problems of hydroacoustical monitoring are described, in particular, the tasks of classification of goals by gener- alized portrait information and generalized portraits. The analysis of the investigated subject area is carried out with the identification of hydroacoustical monitoring entities, their ma in attributes and connections between them. The structure of the system developed according to the principles of functional se paration is given. Details of the features of each subsystem in accordance with their purpose are presented. The characte ristics and architecture of the information system, its compo- nents and databases allowing to solve the tasks are describe d. The developed means of information support of hydroa- coustical monitoring processes are considered. In accordance with the tasks set, functional requirements are defined and a graphical user interface is developed. The process of user interaction with each subsystem and the main graphic compo- nents of the information system are described. The main objects of hydroacoustical monitoring are considered

Authors: S. N. Ezhov, M. S. Kupriyanov, A. A. Romanova, S. V. Stafeev

Direction: Informatics, management and Computer Technology

Keywords: Information support, database, user interface, conceptual model, hydroacoustic monitoring

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