INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES IN IDENTIFICATION OF TOOTH HARD TISSUE STRUCTURE UNDER SYSTEMIC CONCEPTION: Development of a physical and mathematical model on the basis of an electrical probe signal

In compliance with Part 1 of the paper, for the development of a physical and mathematical model of the tooth hard tissues (THT) the geometrical cones are sequentially introduced that approximate the dentine tubules (DT) distribution in the tooth hard tissues, and on this basis mathematical dependences describing the THT structure have been obtained. The tops of these cones coincide with the conditional tooth resistance centre, and the cones bases – with the tooth slot surface. The approximation introduced allows, first, to mathematically describe the generalized dominating tendency, as revealed in the experiment, of the DT distribution law in THT, and secondly, to create a reasonable basis for correcting the original approximation so as to account for the DT distribution anisotropy, which was recorded during the study of tooth slots by means of the optical and electrical probe signals (PS). To further solve the problem of identification of mathematical dependences obtained on the PS basis, a short description of a portable analogue-digital Dentometer measuring system is presented, which is an integral part of the coordinate information and measuring complex described in the paper.

Authors: M. K. Kasumova, E. P. Tikhonov

Direction: Bioengineeringl Systems in Medicine and Ecology

Keywords: Physical and mathematical model, tooth hard tissues, distribution of dentine tubules, coordinate information and measuring complex

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