Presents the results of variative optimization electric drive systems of pumping units at their autonomous and parallel operation. Formulated private and generalized optimization criteria. The method is proposed of deci-sion-making on the optimal variant of the system, which uses a variative base of various models of system com-ponents, presented in the form of mathematical modules and blocks covering different solutions adapted to the pumping units. An example of energy-dynamic model of electric drive system for two parallel pumping units is given. The feasibility study of the three variants of the systems was performed, presented in the form of a final table comparing the relative indicators of their efficiency. The prospective of application of systems with use of frequency converters for each electric drive of pumping units at their parallel operation are shown.

Authors: A. A. Prokopov, R. A. Kakhorov, V. A. Novikov, Т. Е. Belyayev

Direction: Electrical Engineering

Keywords: Electric drive systems of pumping units at autonomous and parallel operation, variants of construction and modes operation of systems, mathematical descriptions of dynamic and energy processes, decision making about the optimal variant of the system on the total alternatives

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