The results of development and research of the gyrocompass algorithm on fiber-optic gyroscopes located on a dithering for setting quasi-harmonic auto-compensating motion are presented. Based on the analysis of information sources, the law of angular motion of the support was developed, which allows to achieve the maximum accuracy of the assessment of the instrument errors of the inertial module. The results of gyrocompass experimental studies are given. The experiment was divided into two stages. At the first stage, a static calibration of the gyrocompass was carried out – the course of the outer axis of the biaxial automated stand and the coefficients of the mathematical model of the gyroscope output signals (scale coefficients and zero shifts) in the angular positioning mode were determined. In the next step, the same parameters were evaluated in the harmonic mode. Analysis of the results of two experimental studies confirmed the reliability and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm for the operation of the gyrocompass.

Authors: А. М. Boronakhin, V. B. Dao, V. T. Le, E. Ndayishimiye, A. N. Tkachenko

Direction: Instrument Engineering and Information-Measurement Technologies

Keywords: Gyrocompass, fiber optic gyroscope, quasi-harmonic autocompensation motion

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